Topic is a magazine dedicated to variety of voice, and as such it welcomes a broad spectrum of writers. The following guidelines should help prospective contributors shape their submissions.

On Topic

Every issue examines one topic exclusively. We will not print pieces that are off topic. That said, we prefer submissions that interpret the topic in unusual and provocative ways. For a list of upcoming topics, contact


• We do not publish fiction or poetry, nor do we publish hard reporting.

• We value writing with a strong narrative.

• We encourage academics to write in the style that would be most engaging to non-specialist intellectuals. Submissions should avoid jargon and be less dry than what is sometimes published in academic journals.

• We publish writers who have, through personal experience and/or professional expertise, a unique perspective on the chosen topic. We favor engaged thinking over detached observation.

• Most pieces are between two and three thousand words, but each issue will include writing that breaks this boundary (on both sides).

Photography and Art

• In addition to featuring accompanying illustrations, each issue includes some stand-alone photography and art.

• Again, the submission must respond to the topic at hand.

• We have limited color capability; black-and-white submissions are more likely to be accepted.


It is best to email submissions to We encourage potential contributors to be in touch over email with pitches and/or drafts. If you are unable to submit over email, send submissions to either postal address:

Topic Magazine
President's Office
Wolfson College
Cambridge, CB39BB
Topic Magazine
P.O. Box 502
New York, NY 10014

A Last Word

The most helpful advice we can offer is to read back issues of Topic. There you will get a sense as to the subjects we find compelling and the writing that attracts us. Contact for more information.

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