"The time does not know itself."

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A quick list to poets featured in this issue:

Melissa Ahart

Sommer Browning

Sarah Busse

devin wayne davis

Karen D'Amato

Yaakov Fichman

Donna Johnson

Vera Kroms

Li Bo

Li Qingzhao

Ander Monson

Christopher Mulrooney


Todd Samuelson

Maria Terrone

Mihai Ursachi

Sophie Wadsworth

G.C. Waldrep

Martha Zweig

Sarah Busse

Stones Lining the Higher Bank

Angular, grained, foreign,
trucked in at some developeršs suggestion,
piled they lend the riverbank weight, gravitas, maybe,
maybe hold it in place,

since the whole scene wants to flicker and shift
into a new season, and would, but for these stones,
their faces shadowed, lines stark
against a backdrop of late sun in early spring.

Then is it late or early?
The time does not know itself.
Below, the river rushes past, muddy, in flood,
carrying sand, gravel, childrenšs toys of the summer,

whatever has not been fixed.
Whatever will give itself to the current.