"There in Connecticut he sniffed velvet petals"

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Melissa Ahart

Sommer Browning

Sarah Busse

devin wayne davis

Karen D'Amato

Yaakov Fichman

Donna Johnson

Vera Kroms

Li Bo

Li Qingzhao

Ander Monson

Christopher Mulrooney


Todd Samuelson

Maria Terrone

Mihai Ursachi

Sophie Wadsworth

G.C. Waldrep

Martha Zweig

Martha Zweig

Karen D'Amato

love travels

When skunk said, apple blossoms are no better
the perfume of indigestion exited in a beeline
that excited even the poplars along the Maine road.
The sky end of the road held many treasures:
thimbles, tapers, concertinas, coins
and maps of every city swirled down for the taking.
Truckloads of pansies floated on the breeze
on their way to a house which my first love was guarding
on all fours. There in Connecticut he sniffed velvet petals
after crates careened and thudded and almost killed him.
He would have nuzzled them indefinitely.