The "New Writers" Issue
       Summer, 2003

       Poetry, Fiction
       Quiction, CNon-Fiction


Abstract Painting
     Luísa Costa Gomes
The Old Greek
     Derek Alger
As Cixous Once Said...
     Linda Bellamy
The Angel Gabriel
     Grace Talusan
Billy's Grief
     Jennifer Cande
The Power of Saints
     Jill Stegman
Honi Jade and the Jar of Desert Greens
     MaryAnn Suehle
A Bottle of Iris
     Adrianne M. Bottrell


Three Prose Poems
     Christopher Kennedy
Cherry's Mark
     Brenda Glasure
Changes in the Upper Face
     Jane Unrue
Ebie Reconsiders the Original Stitch
     David McLendon
Sonya's Blues
     Jackie Walker
The Phone Solicitor Comes Over for
   Dinner and Stays

     David Barringer
The Wound
     William Shaw
Jake Wiley's Fatal Flaw
     Bryson Plant


The Furious Season (and more ...)
     Khan Wong
Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe
     Donna Johnson
Threnody for Ripper Victims (and more ...)
      Melissa Ahart
Love in a Time of War (and more ...)
     Karen D'Amato
Late March, Austerlitz, New York
     Sophie Wadsworth
Suppose an Apple (and more ...)
      Wanda McCollar
Prodigal's Brother (and more ...)
      Laurel Szymkowiak
Comic's Last Tour
     Christopher T. George
Picnic on Crash Mountain with Much Wine and Name-Calling (and more ...)
      Holly Petit
Prologue (and more ...)
      Melissa Kirsch
Two Poems
     Mary Troester
The View From Above
     David Ayers
Two Poems
      Johannes Beilharz
house rules
     AnnMarie Eldon
     Sommer Browning

Creative Non-Fiction

True, That: a note from the literary nonfiction editor
     Frank Tempone
Service Dating
     Darcy Wakefield

SUBMISSIONS: DSR is taking submissions for the following next three issues:
  • Bad Bosses
  • The HMO is Trying to Kill Me
  • Sick of Oprah


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