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To enroll in the UNO low residency MFA program, fill out the form below, submit, then follow the application process. You will receive more information by email and regular mail. If you would simply like to make contact and ask more questions, please use our contact form. If you want to enroll in courses soon and/or before official program acceptance, please note that on the form.

The University of New Orleans Low Residency MFA Application Process

  • Apply to the Low Residency Program by filling out the questionnaire below and submitting.

  • Apply to the Graduate School of the University of New Orleans. Fill out the online Graduate Application for Admission.

    Be sure, in line 21, to indicate the following:
    Major: Creative Writing (Genre).
    Program: Low Residency MFA.

  • Send in a portfolio of creative work. This may be done via email with attachments but we prefer the manuscript to be sent via ground mail, as sometimes font, formatting, and layout discrepancies arise in electronic transmission. Use the following standards for manuscript size:
    • Fiction Writers: 2 short stories or 30 pages of prose fiction.
    • Creative Nonfiction Writers: 30 pages of creative nonfiction.
    • Poets: 10 poems.
    • Scriptwriters: One complete film script.
    • Playwrights: One complete dramatic script.

  • Have your transcripts sent to Low Residency MFA Program, UNO Box 582, New Orleans, LA 70148. If you are pressed for time you may send informal (ie, photocopies) copies, or fax them to 504 280 7428, with official copies to follow.

  • Have your three letters of recommendation sent by email or ground mail. We prefer your recommenders to use the recommendation form located at:, but we can also accept recommendation letters in regular letter format.

  • Include with the application a one page statement of purpose describing your genre and recent accomplishments and stating why you wish to pursue a degree in creative writing.

  • Admission to the program will be based on the manuscript you will submit with the application and your letters of recommendation; admission to the Graduate School is contingent on previous transcripts. You are required to have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. You are also required to take the GRE, unless you already have an advanced degree (Masters or above), although the GRE may be deferred until after admission. UNO's school code for GRE reporting is R 6379.

  • Application Deadlines: For admission beginning in the Summer or Fall, complete applications must be received by February 15. For admission beginning in the Spring, complete applications must be received by October 15.

Contact Information

  • Email--
  • Ground Mail-- Low Residency MFA Program | University of New Orleans, Box 582 | New Orleans, LA 70148
  • Telephone-- 504 280 7457 | Fax 504 280 7428

Low Residency MFA Application

Today's Date:

Semester and Year you plan to begin:

Name (First Last):

SS# (use no spaces or dashes).

Date of Birth


City: State:

Zip Code:




Permanent Address (if different from above):


Pick one only. Though the program provides ample opportunity for multi-genre studies, you must apply in a single genre, which will be the genre of your final thesis.



(begin with most recent)

  1. University: Dates:
    Major/Minor: Degree:

  2. University: Dates:
    Major/Minor: Degree:

  3. University: Dates:
    Major/Minor: Degree:

  4. University: Dates:
    Major/Minor: Degree:

Undergraduate GPA: Graduate GPA:

GRE Scores: Verbal Quantitative: Analytical: Test Date:

The GRE is required unless you already have a master's degree or higher. Please indicate scores and dates here in addition to having them sent. If you have not yet taken the GRE you may be admitted provisionally but must then take the test within your first semester of study.

List the names of the three people who are well acquainted with your qualifications to write to the Program in support of your candidacy:

Other comments:

Application Fee: $25.00

Credit Card Information:
(You may also fax your credit card information to 504-280-7428)

Card Number:
Three Digit Auth. Code (back of card, in the signature line):

Please enter your name and billing address below for the credit card (if different from applicant listed above).

If you wish to mail a check instead of using a credit card, indicate in the space below the date you are mailing the check. Checks should be made payable to UNO and mailed to:

Low Residency MFA Program
UNO Box 582
New Orleans, LA 70148

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