Spring 2007, #14
       "Hot Sex And Stock Photo"


      New Voices, Fiction and Quiction
        Poetry,  Creative Non-F

Fiction and Quiction

An Airtight Box (starring Bill Clinton)
     Kathy Flann

Solanaceae Gardens
     Leslie Anne Leasure

     Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry

     Kate Hill Cantrill

Ask Your Doctor If This Drug ...
     Kurt Brown

     Tom Meek

Two Shorts
     Justin Taylor

From "Various Men Who Knew Us
   As Girls"

     Cris Mazza

The Mortality of Potatoes
     Alison Espach

     Tim Tomlinson

Six Prose Poems
     Daniel Grandbois

The Autobiography of Darvil
     Charles Fort

What To Do With The Babies
     Carol Novack

Don't Worry We're All Going To Die
     Kaley Noonan

"Evictions" and "The Last Gift"
     Bruce Rogers

The Lipstick
     Franziska Sperr

New Voices

Reclaiming Savitri
     Sheela Sukumaran

The Laughing Buddha
     Teresa Swingler

Heartbreak Hotel
     Belle Brett

     Eugene Luetkemeyer

Breaking Through The Ice
     Chien-Wen Kao

Listen Or I'll Kill You
     Diana Tonnessen

The Wall
     Janice Shaw

Finding the Yellow Brick Road
     Alabama Brown

The Dark Side of Darla
     R. A. Shockley

The Moonshine Rat
     Sylvie Bertrand


Functional Magnetic Resonance Neuro-imaging
Your standard post-modern mutant T. Rex
     Daniel Becker

The Story of the Lamps
     Ralph Burns

Ode To Crystal Meth
     Steve Fellner

She Remembers How They Fled from the Liquor Store Robbery in New Mexico
The Fugitive Spends Christmas in a Las Cruces Motel Room
     Ernest Hilbert

The Silent Zoo
The Taxidermist's Cat
     Christopher Burawa

Moving Sheep Across a Road

The Welling

Ana's Lamb
     Jamie Ross

Glass Case
     Donald Illich

     Tim Mayo

The Princess Bride
     Robert Nazarene

     James Pollock

Being Hard
     Helen Ruggieri

In One Tent
     Wendy Mnookin

In Praise of Mother
     Terry Wolverton

The Tattooed Lady
     David Koehn

"A Grin on the Spines"
"A Dance With All The Time"
     Matthew R. McDonald

Scheduling Amnesia
     Jack Conway

Doing Things the Right Way
     Jason Tandon

Creative Non-Fiction

Without a Sound
     Monica Jacobe

Against My Father's Funeral
     Lori Toppel



Fear and Loathing in Polemics: The Unfortunate Butchery of H's Amazing Künstlerroman.
Review by Mark Spitzer


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